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A new ET is possible

Postby singing_fish » Sun May 18, 2014 9:29 am

Hi all,
these days the next Wolfenstein will be released.
www.wolfenstein.com should be the site. I guess it because I try to reach it from germany and get redirected.
Interesting is that in our media nations with Internet censorship are 'Regimes', 'countries which need to be freed' and so on..
Well, it looks like there is no need to watch others... A look at the own house should be enough.
However, I don't believe it will be a great game because the last Wolfensteins where just crap.
One point is interesting:
Des Weiteren äußerte sich der Creative Director zu einer möglichen Fortsetzung. Diesbezüglich habe man bereits eine Menge Ideen in Petto und sei für alles offen, so Matthies. Zudem könne man sich auch vorstellen, ein reines Multiplayer-Game zu entwickeln, das auf dem Vorbild von "Enemy Territory" basiert. Der Entwickler gab jedoch zu verstehen, dass man erst einmal abwarten müsse, wie sich Wolfenstein: The New Order verkaufe, da für die Umsetzung weiterer Projekte der finanzielle Erfolg des aktuellen Titels sehr wichtig sei.
That means they are thinking about a new enemy territory if, and that will be the problem, Wolfenstein New Order is a commercial success.
So, let's hope it is a good one and the sell are nice and we have a chance for a nice mp only game in the future :)

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Re: A new ET is possible

Postby Pan » Mon May 19, 2014 5:11 pm

i wish they would have worked on the ki a little bit
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